Monthly Archives: September 2014

Everyone’s Gay until they come out Straight

A friend of mine said I was pushing my kid to be gay because I asked the question. I had asked my son whether he was gay or not. He didn’t answer. I asked if he would tell me either way and he said “no, he would not tell me.”

As I relayed this story to a friend of mine, who is gay, he said, “but he’s straight. You can smell it off him.” Then the friend turns to my son and says, “I’m glad you’re straight. I accept you. Break it gently to your parents when you come out straight to them. They’re fragile.”

I loved it!!! I’ve been laughing ever since.

I’ve been preparing myself for the possibility of my son coming out either way. I guess trying to tell my son that it’s okay either way has come to a point where it seems like I’ll be disappointed if he’s not gay. I just want him to feel free to be who he is. I guess all the nagging doesn’t help make him feel that way, but he does need some nagging.