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Bad Baby

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Bad Baby at the Happiest Place on Earth.

[I’m so glad I spent money on this.]


Bad Baby Stats:

Eight years old.

Going into 3rd grade.

Unfortunately likes beer but understands he has to wait til he’s 21 to drink.

Also understands he has to wait til 21 to curse.

Rage issues (which we’re working on).

Likes the pretty ladies.

Wants a Sweet 16 party attended by people with good hair.

Cares about his looks.

Does his own hair.

Unintentionally funny.


This is my third child.  After two perfect kids, we were trying to decide whether or not to have another.  Do we want to jinx ourselves with a third?  We took a survey among the people we knew.  Basically, those with small children advised us against having anymore.  It was too tiring.  Those who had older kids expressed some minor regrets at not having the third.  They admit they were tired when it was time to have a third, but that tiredness goes away when the kids get older.  Maybe it’s more accurate to say, you’ll get more sleep as they get older, that is until they hit puberty.  Life changes as the kids get older and some things get easier while others get harder.  One old lady once said to me, “little kids, little problems, big kids, bigger problems.”

Husband and I thought about it and decided to go ahead with a third.  It wasn’t that we really wanted a third, we mainly didn’t want to regret not having the third.  We had originally wanted five children before we got married, but of course having one child quickly brings you down to reality.  Two children also seemed like something was missing.  I wanted a full house.

This kid was different from the get go, he was irritating in the womb and out.  When he came out, he wouldn’t stop crying.  After 30 minutes I asked the doctor why the kid was still crying.  Well, he’s still crying today, but instead of actual wailing, it’s now his infamous stink face [as you see in the photo above] and constant complaining.  This stink face was because Husband said no to his third ice cream request of the day.

But he has his moments and they are very entertaining, which is why I’m introducing you all to him.  Why should we get to enjoy all this joy by ourselves [extreme sarcasm here]?




A menopausal mother.

I’m definitely menopausing.  It sucks.  I’m so irritated all the time.  I’m tired.  Bad baby is really getting on my nerves just by being himself.  He normally irritates me, but this is a new level of irritation.

I just got a new car because the old one was slowly dying on me.  I loved that van.  It got me through everything, but it was time.  For the new car, I ordered weather tracs because I don’t want the car to get too dirty too soon.  First born was trying to help me unroll the mat.  After a few attempts, I became frustrated and just grabbed the mat out of his hand and said I’d take care of it myself.  Because I abruptly grabbed it out of his hand, he said, “fine, Meno-Mom.”  A reference to my menopausal behavior lately.  I chuckled.  It lessened the irritation a little.

Meno-Mom (according to First Born):  Undescribable.  Unlike any threat you’ve ever faced before.  Able to abruptly explode at any minute.