Monthly Archives: August 2015

Great Expectations

We just got back from visiting my cousins in Virginia.  They live in Leesburg, across the highway from an outlet mall.  My cuz BG was talking to James about everyone’s kids.

BG:     It’s amazing how Elaine has some great kids, not just great, but exceptional kids.

James (a.k.a. Husband):     Yeah, I can see how you’d expect her to have some f@#*’ed up kids.

This cracks me up.  I love it because it’s so true.

I was so messed up that there was no way anyone would have ever expected me to have well adjusted kids, let alone, socially exceptional ones.  Even I can’t believe it.

But to be fair, James deserves a lot of credit for the exceptional kids.  If I had raised them by myself, who knows what they’d be like.  I might not have liked them.  James basically raised all of us.  I made them funny.