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Chlamydia is No Joke

My friend, we’ll call her “Ruby”, has five sons.  For some reason, she got it in her head that her second son got a STD (which by the way is now called “STI”).  How does she know he got a STD?  He was prescribed some kind of medication that her friend looked up on the internet and discovered was for the treatment of a STD, which one, I’m not sure.

The other day, while waiting for her outside her house, her second son comes out to greet me and starts complaining about how his mother is telling everyone that he has a STD.  She told his ex-girlfriend, his current girlfriend and me.  She told his father, who had a talk with him about STDs.

He said that he went back to the doctor and the doctor assured him that he does not have a STD.  He tried telling his father, but he wasn’t trying to hear him.

Son:  Dad, I don’t have a STD.

Father:  Chlamydia…Is…No…Joke!

Son should have continued with:  Then what about herpes or gonorrhea?


Son then asked me:  Why chlamydia?

Me:  Exactly, why chlamydia indeed?  Go ask your father.

Ruby:  (laughing)  Don’t ask your father.


I wanted to say:  If you have chlamydia, then you can’t say your girlfriend never gave you anything.


This is why I hang out with Ruby.  She sets me up for the most hiliarious crap ever.  Unfortunately it’s all true, but she’s laughing with me.