First Born has to become a stand up comedian so I can feel better.

I’ve been very distraught over the election.  Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.  I haven’t been able to make fun of people the way I use to before the election.  I’m recovering a little.  This morning Tara and I did warm ups before Muay Thai.  I tried to get Natalie’s (Tara’s mom) attention to join us running.  When she didn’t answer, I yelled, “Natalie, instead of running your mouth, would you like to run with us?”  She hugged me and ran.  Tara said, “when she makes fun of you, that means she likes you.”  It’s true.

First born has been giving me a hug everyday.  I guess I look sad.

Last night he told me while hanging out with his friends in Manhattan last week, he saw a group of protesters in front of the Canada Goose store.  They were yelling with a megaphone, “Canada Goose, lower your prices!  Canada Goose, lower your prices!  Canada Goose, lower your prices!” over and over.  [In case you don’t know what Canada Goose is, a Canada Goose coat costs around $600-$900 on average.]

First born asked, “what’s next?  Are they going to Lamborghini to protest?  Lamborghini, lower your prices!  Lamborghini, lower your prices!  Lamborghini, lower your prices!”  

He really wanted to go up to them and yell, “shop somewhere else.”

I haven’t laughed so hard since the election.  My son has to become a stand up comedian so I can feel better.  It’s the least he can do after I gave birth to him.


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