“The Flames of my Rage will Burn for Eternity.” -Bad Baby

A few weeks ago, we had a party that ran late. My place was such a mess that I had to clean before going to bed. Around 1 am, I asked First Born if Bad Baby was still awake. FB said he’s watching Netflix, so I turned on the vacuum.

The next thing you hear is Bad Baby screaming. I don’t know what got into him but he was pissed I was making so much noise. EJ was in the room with Bad Baby and tells me that he screamed, “the flames of my rage will burn for eternity.” He then said, “I’m not done being angry, I’m just too tired” and falls asleep.

I’ve been telling everyone I know this story. Bad Baby hates it when I tell it. But I told him it’s a masterpiece and I must share it with everyone. I want EJ to draw flames from a fire with his face in the middle with the words “The Flames of my Rage will Burn for Eternity” around the flames.

It’s funny when I tell the story, but it wasn’t so funny living through it. That could be said for a lot of things that happen in this house. There’s no one to blame but myself.

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